Sanivar restore 100m rising main at Stansfield, UK

22 February, 2023

Working with Public Sewer Services, Anglian Water's IMR Water Recycling partner, Sanivar UK have recently completed a project to refurbish a pumped effluent pipeline at Stansfield Village in Essex. The project involved the restoration of a 100mm rising main, part of which was installed under a bridge crossing, adjacent to a pumping station. The existing PVC rising main suffered a history of bursts, and a recent leak had caused effluence to leak through the bridge decking and into a nei [...]

100mm SaniTube at Billercay, Essex, UK

20 February, 2023

Sanivar have recently completed a refurbishment of a rising main serving a residential area in Billericay. Working with Public Private Sewrs the job involved relining a 100mm Asbestos Cement main, which ran across private gardens across a housing development. The rising main was corroded and had a history of bursts which had resulted in numerous dig down solutions resulting in disruption for residents. Because of the route of the pipe replacement options involving excavations were untenable bu [...]

SaniTube on relining a 300mm Cast Iron main at Agbrigg Bridge, Calderdale, UK

26 January, 2021

Sanivar have recently completed a challenging refurbishment of a rising main feeding Calder Treatment Works in Wakefield. Working with Peter Duffy Ltd, this job involved relining a 300mm cast iron main, a section of which ran via a pipe bridge under a mainline railway. The high-pressure rising main was badly corroded and previous temporary repairs using clamps had been unsuccessful, necessitating the refurbishment of a 250 metre section. The pipe bridge crossed the River Calder and th [...]

SaniTube on 300mm rising main at Fowey Quay, UK

27 February, 2020

Working with H5O South West Water’s Capital Delivery Alliance, Sanivar UK have recently completed a project to refurbish a pressure pipeline at Fowey Quay in South Cornwall. The project involved the restoration of a 300mm rising main, part of which was installed under the estuary as part of South West Water’s Clean Sweep program some 20 years ago. A ductile iron section of the subsea pipeline had become badly corroded due to the saline environment and needed to be refurbished and reconnected [...]

30 metre SaniTube with 45 degree bend at Colburn STW, UK

27 February, 2020

The project involved the restoration of a 250mm section of rising main which ran under above ground infrastructure and adjacent to high voltage power cables. The ductile iron pipe had become corroded and needed to be replaced as part of a wider refurbishment on site. Without refurbishment the ductile iron pipe posed a pollution threat and MMB were seeking a ‘no dig’ solution to minimize on site disruption and avoid the prohibitive costs and danger of accessing the section of main through tr [...]

Fowey Harbour project

08 July, 2019

Sanivar have recently completed work at Fowey Harbour as part of South West Water’s sewage pipework regeneration project. Town Quay Sewage Pumping Station in Fowey is the terminal sewage pumping station receiving flow from southern and northern collector sewers. As the pumping station and HDPE rising along the foreshore was constructed two decades ago as part of the clean sweep up programme, a short section of the pipework within and adjacent to the sewage pumping station  made of ductile [...]

900 meters SaniTube W DN125-150 in Italy

25 June, 2019

Sanivar took over the restoration of the main steel aqueduct that feeds the reservoir of the cities of Serle in Italy, 900 meters SaniTube W DN125-150 were used for this project.   CustomerA2A CICLO IDRICO SPA CountryItaly Installation date2014-2015 ProductsSaniTube W DN125-150 Application areaDrinking Water Use caseN/A Pipe materialSteel Number of seals N/A Track length900 Operating pressure16 bar [...]

Advanced Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Solution Arrives in the UK

19 March, 2019

For more than 40 years, Sanivar has been focused on developing state of the art, high quality manufactured solutions, designed to restore decaying and ageing pipe infrastructure across the world. Sanivar was founded in the mid-1970s in Switzerland when there was a change in how gas was delivered across Europe. Before the 1970s, gas was delivered as a moist gas, and pipes and fittings were manufactured with this in mind. But, with a change from moist to dry gas, pipes and sealants began to dry [...]

95 meters SaniLine DN700 for Ecopark 100

21 December, 2018

A transportation pipe of 95 m length and 700mm in diameter is supplying the hydropower station in Centrale de Bedillon, Grandrieu. The material of the pipe was glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP). The pipe track which required rehabilitation was inclined by 45° and located in the forest. Leakage was discovered in the joint area between pipe sections. A cost effective, no-dig method was seek for to repair the damaged pipe. The Sanivar AG has long-term experience in rehabilitating pipes between [...]

2766 meters SaniTube DN150 and DN200 for WGA Vorkenbuch

21 December, 2018

The two potable water mains which connect the water catchment plant “Vorkenbruch” with the elevated tanks in the “Steinbergstrasse” carry about 45m3/h of water in total. The pipe system was built in 1974 using 6m PVC sections which were glued together. During a regular pipe inspection water leakage was found in various parts of the pipe system due to abrasion and fatigue. Conventional methods for pipe rehabilitation through excavation is usually time-consuming, expensive, noise intense [...]