Fowey Harbour project

08 July, 2019

Sanivar have recently completed work at Fowey Harbour as part of South West Water’s sewage pipework regeneration project. Town Quay Sewage Pumping Station in Fowey is the terminal sewage pumping station receiving flow from southern and northern collector sewers. As the pumping station and HDPE rising along the foreshore was constructed two decades ago as part of the clean sweep up programme, a short section of the pipework within and adjacent to the sewage pumping station  made of ductile [...]

Advanced Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Solution Arrives in the UK

19 March, 2019

For more than 40 years, Sanivar has been focused on developing state of the art, high quality manufactured solutions, designed to restore decaying and ageing pipe infrastructure across the world. Sanivar was founded in the mid-1970s in Switzerland when there was a change in how gas was delivered across Europe. Before the 1970s, gas was delivered as a moist gas, and pipes and fittings were manufactured with this in mind. But, with a change from moist to dry gas, pipes and sealants began to dry [...]