Trenchless deployment is faster, cheaper and reduces disruption of the surface infrastructure to a minimum; compared to alternative methods.


Reduce water leakage levels with Sanivar pipe rehabilitation

Water Utilities are working hard to reduce clean water loss through existing pipe networks and ageing infrastructure. Sanivar products can help do this quickly and cost effectively, with reduced disruption. Stop leaking pipes, protect existing infrastructure and extend the life of the asset for more than 50 years, using PE pipe lining, but with a stronger, more flexible thinner walled version of more traditional slip-lining techniques.

Rehabilitate your sewage network.

A damaged sewage network can cause potentially huge damage to home, business and corporate property, as well as the environment. It is key that networks are kept in good condition to keep us healthy, and our towns and cities running smoothly.

Fix your industrial pipelines.

From process pipes to fire extinguisher lines, industrial pipelines are the backbone of modern life. Without them, life as we know it would not be able to continue. Maintaining pipelines to a high standard is hugely important to keep us safe and further our ever developing world.

Repair and improve your gas pipes.

Gas leaks caused by poorly maintained infrastructure can be extremely dangerous to society. Ensuring gas pipes are well maintained is vital to keeping the general public safe, and your company’s reputation intact.

Repair and improve your petroleum pipes.

Leaks are exceptionally harmful to the environment. It is vital to maintain your oil and petrol pipes to the highest standard. With tightening regulations we want to make sure that you are 100% leak free.