2766 meters SaniTube DN150 and DN200 for WGA Vorkenbuch21 December

2766 meters SaniTube DN150 and DN200 for WGA Vorkenbuch

The two potable water mains which connect the water catchment plant “Vorkenbruch” with the elevated tanks in the “Steinbergstrasse” carry about 45m3/h of water in total. The pipe system was built in 1974 using 6m PVC sections which were glued together.

During a regular pipe inspection water leakage was found in various parts of the pipe system due to abrasion and fatigue. Conventional methods for pipe rehabilitation through excavation is usually time-consuming, expensive, noise intense and often associated with a high level of congestion. Therefore, an alternative rehabilitation method suitable for drinking water pipes was searched for.

The circular woven textile hose SaniTube for Water was found to be the most suitable solution for this project. Due to the characteristics of the no-dig technology and a fast installation of the liner, the inline method fulfils the requirements of the building site.

The contract was assigned to Amex Sanivar in August 2014 to rehabilitate the DN 200 and DN 150 PVC pipes of about 3 km total length. The entire job was completed in within 1month.


CustomerPublic services WGA Vorkenbuch
Installation date2014
Application areaPotable water
Use caseDrainage basin
Pipe materialPVC
Track length2766 m
Operating pressure8 bar



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